Rates & Services

A common question from our perspective clients is: How do you get paid?

We are a business and we’re committed to service and excellence. Because we custom build most of our client's trips, based on your time, budget, and preferences, we do charge a planning fee so that we can be compensated for our work. We spend time quoting, building, and researching, so that you can look forward to fostering relationships, creating memories, and enjoying some much-needed down time with your friends and family.  Our experience and value are worth the nominal fee.

When you retain Aqua & Earth Travel, you get the benefit of our skills, experience, training, and professional relationships with trusted suppliers.


Do you need a professional and knowledgable Travel Advisor that knows the ins/outs of travel planning to help you streamline the process and ease the stress?  Our "Creating an Experience" service is everything you need.

Creating an Experience - $200 (per couple or household)

  • Do you need a professional, knowledgeable advisor who knows the ins/outs of travel planning to help you streamline the process and ease the stress? 
  • Do you need a travel professional that can make those 22 tabs open on your computer go away?

This service is everything you need for complete travel planning.

  • Personalized questionnaire (via our online Travel Request Form)
  • Personal Interview - (In-person if local or on the phone) This helps us get to know each other
  • Suggestion of destination if needed
  • Research to find the best options for you based on your time, budget, and interests
  • Up to 3 quote options per trip from our vetted suppliers
  • Itinerary building and suggestions
  • Transportation logistics: planes, trains, rentals, etc.
  • Suggestions/offerings of land activities based on your interests (Shore excursions if cruising)
  • Trip Insurance quotes
  • Currency and Exchange information
  • Packing lists, requirements & suggestions
  • Passport/Visa information
  • Airport Transfers 
  • Advisor availability during your trip (daytime) 
  • Tips & Tricks to make the most of your trip
  • Apps that help while on your adventure
  • Feedback/post-trip discussion
  • Solidification and Confirmation of all details before your trip
  • Detailed, tailor-made digital daily itinerary (available on/offline) - Can also be printed
  • So much more!

GROUPS - starting at $500

  • Do you have a Multi-Generational Family, or Family & Friends Group that wishes to travel together?  
  • Do you have an Organized group like a service group, interest group, or senior citizen group? 

You’ve come to the right place. Aqua & Earth Travel specializes in group travel!  Call us for a consultation and pricing or fill out our "Travel Request Form" listed on our website and we will contact you within 24 business hours.

Services include everything listed under the "Creating an Experience" service and more for your group.


GROUPS Guide Service - starting at $1500 

Will you need itinerary building, guidance, reassurance, and a coordinator for your group who will be there every step of the way? 

Then you will want our Groups Guide Service where you have a professional travel advisor to help plan your trip and be along with you throughout your journey.


The fees above will be paid directly to Aqua & Earth Travel for work/planning being done on your trip and are not included in any Deposits, Payments, or other fees charged by the supplier.

All deposits, payments, and other fees charged by the supplier for your trip will be paid by your credit card given to your Travel Advisor and paid directly to the supplier for the trip.  These payments are not paid to Aqua & Earth travel in any way.

  • Cancellation fees will be charged for any cancellation after your deposit is paid on your trip. This fee is in addition to any fees charged by the supplier and will be charged to your credit card on file separately from any supplier charges
  • The cancellation Fee is $150 per couple/household. This payment goes directly to Aqua & Earth Travel.


  • All planning fees above are to be paid upfront by credit card before your above service begins and will go directly to your Travel Advisor for their time, expertise, and knowledge 
  • Planning fees are non-refundable
  • The planning fees do not count toward your trip deposits or balances. Deposits and balances for your trip are paid with your credit card directly to the supplier by your Travel Advisor
  • Suggestions are based on expertly researched, chosen and trusted contacts, reputable providers, and recommendations, based on your budget, time, requests, and personal preferences

updated 1/24