Famous Streets of the United States

On occasion, we know we have to hit the road. Most of us have spent our lives close to roadways, but a few are an integral part of the North American obsession with the highway, to the path you can stroll or disappear on. Here is a small collection of roads and streets that are a part of our collective psyche.

  • Broadway (New York City)

    Broadway (New York City)

    One of the most iconic streets in the US, as well as the world, is Broadway in NYC. This street is synonymous with theater, entertainment, and bright lights. It is home to many theaters, restaurants, shops and other landmarks. Broadway stages some of the most popular shows in the world.

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  • Bourbon Street (New Orleans)

    Bourbon Street (New Orleans)

    Running down the center of the French Quarter in the city of New Orleans, Bourbon Street is known for its lively nightlife, bars, jazz clubs, and Cajun/Creole cuisine. It hosts major Mardi Gras celebrations every year, near the parades on Canal Street. Bourbon Street epitomizes the festive spirit of New Orleans.

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  • Route 66

    Route 66

    A true artery through the heart and history of the United States, Route 66 “The Mother Road” was one of America’s original highways, running from Chicago to Los Angeles. It symbolized the romance of the open road and westward expansion. Route 66 connected rural America and promised adventure.

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  • Hollywood Boulevard (Los Angeles)

    Hollywood Boulevard (Los Angeles)

    A busy street that runs through the home of film in the United States, Hollywood Boulevard is the home of the entertainment industry. It has the Chinese Theatre, celebrity hangouts and more; and, in particular, the Walk of Fame is a must for film lovers with stars of celebrities covering the sidewalk.

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  • Lombard Street (San Francisco)

    Lombard Street (San Francisco)

    Known as the “crookedest street in the world,” Lombard Street features eight sharp turns along a steep hill. The hill offers beautiful views and is a major tourist attraction. Lombard Street’s winding brick road challenges drivers with its tight hairpin turns, and great a spot for photos.

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  • Michigan Avenue (Chicago)

    Michigan Avenue (Chicago)

    Famed shopping street running along the Magnificent Mile, and home of the Art Institute of Chicago. Michigan Avenue has high-end department stores, luxury boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and hotels. Major destinations include the Water Tower Place, Chicago Water Tower, and John Hancock Center.

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  • Beale Street (Memphis)

    Beale Street (Memphis)

    Beale Street has played a huge role in the evolution of music in the United States. In Memphis, blues, rock 'n' roll and soul music were nurtured to burgeoning, and now standard, musical styles. It features live music, bars, restaurants and shops. Beale Street reverberates with the echoes of music history.

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  • Ocean Drive (Miami)

    Ocean Drive (Miami)

    Ocean Drive is lively street running along South Beach, particularly on the weekends and festivals. Along the route by the beach are Art Deco hotels, restaurants, and bars. A walk or drive, matched with a nice beach to hangout and experience Miami, make this part of Miami a sight to see.

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  • Pennsylvania Avenue (Washington DC)

    Pennsylvania Avenue (Washington DC)

    Starting at the Capital Building (where congress meets) and running to the White House (house of the President), Pennsylvania Avenue connects two of the three seats of political power in the United States. Along the street are tourists, office workers, and everyday city life… as well as flags from all 50 states hanging over the road.

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